The story of Hacienda San Pedro goes all the way back to the end of the XIX century

when a young Spaniard, thirteen years old, arrives on our shores with a single suitcase

and a thousand dreams. Emeterio Atienza was an excellent worker, who, in a very short time, reached the position of head butler, and later,

Foreman of one of the most prestigious coffee plantations in Puerto Rico

Besides working the land by hand, Emeterio also worked as a teacher of agriculture, earning the respect of all the coffee growers in the region

for his innate wisdom, perseverance and kind heart. In 1931, after many years of arduous work and constant dedication, Emeterio was finally

able to purchase his own farm in the area of Coabey in the town of Jayuya, Puerto Rico and named it "Hacienda San Pedro". Every morning at dawn, Emeterio would go out on horseback, accompanied by his seven sons, to inspect the blooming of the coffee trees, carefully inspecting them one by one. Each tree had its own name, a tradition his son Albert carried on after him, as does to this day his grandson, Roberto Atienza.

Honoring a family tradition that now embraces four generations of Atienzas, Hacienda San Pedro Coffee is still grown in the mountains of Jayuya, hand-picked, and lovingly brought to market the same way it was done nearly a century ago by Emeterio Atienza. Even today, the beans are dried in antique drums that are over a hundred years old.

Such is the love and respect that Roberto Atienza feels for his coffee that, during the critical hours while the coffee beans are drying, he spends night after night waiting next to the drums (just like his grandfather used to do) waiting for the exact moment when the coffee beans reach their perfect level of dryness. They say his ear is so finely tuned that, even while he is asleep, he automatically recognizes the precise pitch that tells him the coffee is dried to perfection. For Roberto Atienza, caring for the little details is his way of honoring and keeping alive his grandfather’s heartfelt dream of bringing to the world the finest coffee Puerto Rico Mountains can produce. Perhaps, it is for that same reason, the townspeople say that every once in a while, at the crack of the dawn, you can hear the clip-clop of horses trotting up Tres Picachos Hill and the echo of a faraway voice singing ever so merrily and they know in their hearts that there goes Emeterio, hard at work, proudly watching over his farm, just the way it’s always been.

Artisanal Puerto Rican coffee

grown, cultivated and blessed by Puerto Rican hands,

Honoring the coffee-growing traditions

of the Puerto Rican heartland

as a living homage to our rural roots

and our jíbaro culture.

all rights ressrved Café Hacienda San Pedro 2011.